Architect Accused in Long Island Killings Unveils Troubling Past


The architect suspected of a series of killings on Long Island has a troubling background, as revealed through public records and court documents. Rex Heuermann, the accused, has been involved in numerous legal issues, including tax problems, lawsuits against drivers, and an unusual living situation. This article delves into the details of Heuermann’s life, shedding light on his financial struggles, legal battles, and professional history.

Rex Heuermann: An Architect with a Troubled Past

Rex Heuermann, the architect accused of multiple murders, resided in his childhood home, located just a few miles away from the beach where the victims were discovered over a decade ago. In a deposition given in 2018, Heuermann confirmed that he still lived in the Long Island suburb of Massapequa Park with his wife of 22 years, daughter, and stepson.

Legal Battles and Tax Troubles

Between 2014 and 2022, Heuermann filed four lawsuits against drivers in New York, claiming to have suffered significant injuries from car accidents. Three of these cases were either settled or discontinued, while the fourth one remains ongoing. In his deposition, Heuermann mentioned that the only competitive activity he participated in was rifle shooting.

However, beyond the lawsuits and legal disputes, Heuermann’s financial troubles extended to his tax obligations. Public records from Nassau County revealed that Heuermann faced six tax liens filed by the IRS between 2010 and 2021, amounting to more than $425,000 in unpaid taxes dating back to 2005. It was later reported that Heuermann had repaid or no longer owed around $215,078 of that debt, as indicated by tax lien releases filed in October 2022.

Furthermore, Heuermann and his wife, Asa Ellerup, currently owe over $81,500 in personal income tax to the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. These tax bills have accumulated since November 2020, highlighting ongoing financial difficulties.

Insights into Heuermann’s Architectural Work

Apart from his legal and financial issues, records from various court cases provide insights into Heuermann’s professional career as an architect. Heuermann was involved in examining water damage on a Manhattan building in the past year, where he offered an analysis of proposed waterproofing. Additionally, emails filed in a separate case showed his coordination of a renovation project in the Bronx back in 2017.

In a civil court hearing, Heuermann referred to his work as “general architecture,” explaining that he assists clients in resolving issues with the state Department of Buildings. Described as a challenging process, his architectural work often involves navigating complex bureaucratic procedures. An associate familiar with his work stated that they wouldn’t want to be in Heuermann’s shoes when dealing with such matters.

Past Safety Concerns and Building Investigations

In 2007, a Harlem apartment building that Heuermann was responsible for renovating was deemed unsafe by fire officials, resulting in the evacuation of two dozen families. The New York City Buildings Department initiated an investigation into whether Heuermann falsely identified the building as vacant. City documents linked Heuermann to the building, indicating it would remain vacant during construction. However, the Buildings Department reported no evidence of a pattern of false filings or significant disregard for regulations, leading to no disciplinary actions against Heuermann.

RH Architecture and the Missing Employee Page

Heuermann’s architectural firm, RH Architecture, listed his daughter as an employee on its website. However, the page containing the employee listings has since been removed, leaving its current status uncertain.

The case surrounding Rex Heuermann, the architect accused of multiple Long Island killings, has brought attention to his troubled past. From tax troubles and legal disputes to an unconventional living situation, his background raises questions about his personal and professional life. As investigations continue, the extent of Heuermann’s involvement in the alleged crimes remains to be determined.

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