75th annual Emmy Awards: FOX vs Television Academy

  • The Television Academy and Fox are debating when to air the 75th annual Emmy Awards, considering a potential postponement.
  • The Academy prefers a November date, similar to what was done in 2001, while Fox favors a January airdate.
  • The decision on the Emmy Awards’ date is expected to be finalized by the end of July, depending on the resolution of potential strikes by SAG-AFTRA and WGA.
  • Cancelling the show is not an option due to the milestone 75th anniversary.
  • Fox holds the final decision as this year’s broadcast partner, and they lean towards a January date due to scheduling conflicts in November.
  • The possibility of the Emmy Awards taking place on any day of the week is being considered.
  • Moving the Emmys to January risks facing a stale competition and being overshadowed by other film season awards shows and the NFL playoffs.
  • On the other hand, a January date could promote Fox’s midseason shows and benefit from promotional attention during NFL playoff games.
  • The Creative Arts Emmy Awards and the schedule of the production company, Jesse Collins Entertainment, would also be affected by a date change.
  • The Daytime Emmys, which were postponed from June, also need to determine a new airing date.
  • The TV Academy may keep the Phase 2 voting window as scheduled in August, even if the Emmy telecast is moved, to avoid giving unfair advantages to certain contenders.
  • The Academy might proceed with Phase 2 campaigning without talent participation if necessary.
  • The situation is subject to change, and more updates will follow as the news develops during these unprecedented times.

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