Top 10 Baby Pokémon Cards and Their Estimated Value

Pokemon Cards

The Pokémon Trading Card Game offers a wide variety of cards featuring Baby Pokémon, the adorable and lowest evolutions in their respective lines. While not the most powerful cards, Baby Pokémon hold a special place in collectors’ hearts and add a charming touch to any deck. Here are the top 10 Baby Pokémon cards and their estimated values.

  1. Mime Jr. – Diamond & Pearl Promos:
    This DP22 promo card showcases the mimic-loving Mime Jr. Its unique ability allows players to shuffle their hand into the deck and draw cards equal to their opponent’s hand size. Estimated value: $2.98 USD.
  2. Munchlax – Diamond & Pearl:
    The Munchlax card (033/130) from Diamond & Pearl is a Rare card. With the Baby Evolution power, it can easily evolve into Snorlax. Estimated value: $3.92 USD.
  3. Riolu – Scarlet & Violet Base Set:
    Riolu’s Secret Illustration Rare card (215/198) in the Scarlet & Violet base set displays stunning artwork. While its Reckless Charge attack deals damage, Riolu also damages itself. Estimated value: $8.51 USD.
  4. Elekid – Aquapolis:
    Elekid (009/147) from the Aquapolis set is a charged-up Rare card. It can evolve into Electabuzz and features an ability that ends the opponent’s turn if their Active Pokémon is a Baby Pokémon and a coin flip lands on tails. Estimated value: $9.58 USD.
  5. Mantyke – Diamond & Pearl:
    This adorable Mantyke card (055/130) is an Uncommon card from the Diamond & Pearl set. It allows players to search their deck for a Water Basic Pokémon. Estimated value: $14.37 USD.
  6. Tyrogue – Aquapolis:
    Tyrogue’s Uncommon card (063/147) in the Aquapolis set showcases its fierce and determined nature. The card reflects Tyrogue’s love for training and battling. Estimated value: $8.80 USD.
  7. Cleffa – Neo Genesis:
    Cleffa (020/111) from the Neo Genesis set is an adorable Baby Pokémon that holds yarn in its Rare card. Its ability allows players to shuffle their hand and draw seven new cards. Estimated value: $11.58 USD.
  8. Igglybuff – Skyridge:
    Igglybuff’s Skyridge card (067/144) highlights its cute balloon-like shape and cheerful nature. The card features pastel colors and flowers. Estimated value: $41.96 USD.
  9. Pichu – Neo Genesis:
    The Holo Rare Pichu card (012/111) from the Neo Genesis series sparkles with artwork. Pichu’s Baby power requires opponents to flip a coin before attacking and deals damage to Pokémon with Pokémon powers. Estimated value: $83.49 USD.
  10. Togepi & Cleffa & Igglybuff GX – Alternate Art Promos:
    In this Alternate Art Promos Tag Team card (143a/236), Togepi, Cleffa, and Igglybuff team up for an extra powerful combination. The Supreme Puff GX ability grants players an additional turn and potentially shuffles all of the opponent’s Benched Pokémon back into their deck. Estimated value: $99.00 USD.

While not the rarest or strongest Pokémon cards, Baby Pokémon cards possess their own charm and unique abilities. Whether for collecting or playing, these lovable Baby Pokémon cards are a delightful addition to any Pokémon Trading Card Game collection.

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