4 Dead 2 Injured Philadelphia: Gunman’s Shooting Rampage

Philadelphia mass shooting leaves 4 dead, 2 injured

PHILADELPHIA – A shooting rampage in Philadelphia on Monday night resulted in the deaths of four individuals, while two children sustained injuries, according to police.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw informed the press that the series of gunfire began around 8:30 p.m. when officers were flagged down at the intersection of 56th and Chester streets.

Upon discovering gunshot victims and preparing to transport them to the hospital, police heard additional gunshots in the vicinity of 56th Street and Kingsessing Avenue, Outlaw stated.

Responding officers discovered numerous spent shell casings at that location and continued to hear gunfire originating from nearby Frazer Street, where they apprehended the shooter.

Outlaw stated that the officers pursued the gunman as he persistently fired his weapons, eventually cornering him in a rear alley on the 1600 block of Frazer Street, where he was taken into custody.

According to the police, the shooter was wearing a bulletproof vest equipped with multiple magazines, and was armed with an AR-style rifle and a handgun. He was also found to be carrying a scanner at the time of his arrest.

The victims of the shooting were reported to be four men ranging in age from 20 to 59. The injured children, aged 2 and 13, are currently in stable condition.

Outlaw also mentioned that another individual, believed to have potentially fired back at the gunman during the shooting spree, has been detained.

“We have absolutely no idea why this happened,” Outlaw commented. “At this point, all we know is that this person left their home and decided to target individuals.”

Outlaw commended the responding officers for their “bravery” and “courage” in safely apprehending the gunman without any further incidents.

“Thankfully, our officers were on the scene and responded swiftly. I cannot adequately express the level of bravery and courage demonstrated, not to mention their restraint.”

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